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Project Management

Project Management is one of the key elements to run a successful program. We build a team consisting of project managers with a strong background in the automotive project management process and in the mold industry with robust communication skills. The team has the necessary resources to perform to a high level of service, such us a customized ERP system to insure a flawless project management process between TEC Mold and the customer base.

  • How does TEC Mold run the project?

    •The detailed production plan will be drawn up and monitored by our project manager, who shall submit regular weekly reports to individual customer.

    •12 project managers speak fluent English and possess extensive experience & skill of mold industry, who assure customer non-barrier discussion regarding project.

  • How does customer control the project ?

    •Phone call and email: 40 staffs at TEC Mold communicate technically in English with customer in depth.

    •Project Document: documents presented to customer in different phases.

    •Digital photo: Digital photos will be presented to customer with Weekly Process Report.

Project flow chart

ERP system

TEC Mold is in the process of implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The integrated software systems will be used to manage the internal and external resources of our organization. These include the physical assets, financial resources, materials and human resources (or staff).  Offering our customers better delivery, organization and scheduling for or both injection tooling production and for the production of plastic injection molded parts for global distribution.

Some Benefits of our new ERP system

  • integrated business processes
  • one central database with no duplication of data
  • a single ‘view of the truth’
  • easy-to-use, powerful reporting across the whole suite (and therefore the whole organization and tying all 4 factories together)
  • the same look-and-feel across the whole system, making training and using the ERP very straightforward.

Timeline for implementation of the new ERP system

  • Parts of ERP system for Finance Department have gone line, up loaded information for raw material、BOM and so on

    November 2016

  • Parts of ERP system for Injection Department will go line at December of 2016

    December 2016

  • Design and complete the parts of ERP system for Precision Department in Shenzhen at June of 2017

    June 2017

  • Design and complete the parts of ERP system for Precision Department and Big Tooling Department in DongGuan at June of 2017

    June or August 2017

  • Complete the system

    August 2017

Employee Training

Tec Mold invested heavily in the training and development of its employees.
We have our own training facilities, which regularly be used for internal training courses.

The new recruits and existing staff are required to take different training courses, for which enables us to develop our staff with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process and offer a highly skilled workforce capable of even the most technically demanding mould making and moulding work.

In order to attract talents, Tec Mold has established closed relationship with famous Chinese technical school and recruits the excellent graduates with great passion in mould industry. Their devotion, hard working, innovative thought bring the team vitality which be regarded as new blood of Tec Mold.

Tec Mold believes that investment in the future is paramount to remaining competitiveness in mould making and molding industry specifically.

Value Acquired by Quality

Value Acquired by Quality TEC Mold is strongly committed to quality, accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 since 2011. Implementing dedicated Quality Departments for each one of the divisions assuring compliance to the quality procedures in place.

Quality Control

Time Control

Design Control

Engineering Control

Cost Control

  • 1. Communicate with customer in depth to fully understand customer’s requirement.
    2. Feasibility studying (Mould Flow Analysis, etc)
    3. Assure the high quality design (2D&3D)
    4. Strictly control manufacturing quality
    5. Strictly inspect of trial out sample
    6. Strict Inspection in dimension and specification before shipment of mould.

  • 1. Working out a reasonable schedule for project and propelling concurrent engineering technique, which will remarkably improve the efficiency of manufacturing.
    2. Quick response to the problem during manufacturing and solve it timely.
    3. Quick response to the Engineering Change Notice.

  • 1. There is a pre-design meeting among manufacturing dept., project dept. and design dept. to work out the best solution for mould making.
    2. 25 mould designers can finish the design tasks efficiently.
    3. Every 2D/3D design will be approved by general design manager who have profound experience in mould making and injection material industry.
    4. The design will be presented and fully communicated with customer to secure customer´s final approval.

  • 1. Senior engineer will conduct the detailed analysis of the math data and comprehend customer´s requirement and pass to design and manufacturing department.
    2. Senior engineer offers professional suggestion to design dept. after comprehensive analysis of mould and injection material, remarkably enhance the design quality.
    3. Utilizing the top facilities to process the mould to reach high precision and high quality.
    4. The qualified operators will remarkably reduce any wrong practices to guarantee the quality of mould.
    5. Senior engineer will give the best solution to problem arising during the production.
    6. If the process is out of schedule, the ERP system will give warning automatically, the responsible person will take immediate action to correct it.

  • 1. Senior engineer shall provide the optimized solution to save cost for the customers by assuring the quality of our products.
    2. Enhance the supply chain management and monitor the material price closely, bring benefit to customer timely.
    3. Strengthen the internal management to minimize the overhead expenses.